Other activities nearby

OTHER ACTIVITIES NEARBY If you want to do something other than activities in the climbing park or the hotel we made ​​a list of other offerings in their neighborhoods that fit with a visit to us .  


For the active one:


Swimming Melvold u.skole 

Walk/ Run: Both the terrain and on asphalt.

Various Cycle: Offroad (eg Stomperud trail ) and road

Cross country skiing: Vardfjellet and Leirsund (lights) or put on your headlamp and go into Romeriksåsene from Tæruddalen (15 min drive).

Hiking trips: Pilegrimsleden through Sørum, Farshatten, Elghytta og Bjørnholen.  

For all:

Eight Amcars Club

Guttormsgaard Archive Frogner and

Frogner medieval church

Bingen Lenser

Fetsund Lenser

Tertitten Rånåsfoss

Würth Galleri 


Visit the for more information about activities in Sørum.